Landscape Explorer

Explore past and present landscapes from the Great Plains to the Pacific coast. This easy-to-use map uses historic and current aerial imagery to highlight how our landscapes have changed since the mid-20th century and how we can conserve our natural heritage.

What did your neighborhood look like in the mid-20th Century?

How has your town grown in the last 70 years?

What's happened to the open space near your house since the 1950's?

Zoom in and use the slider to explore how our western landscapes have changed over the decades. Look at any location from the Great Plains to the Pacific Coast. 


Saving the sagebrush sea and defending the Great Plains grasslands...

The West's iconic sagebrush country and the grasslands of the Great Plains are facing myriad threats that jeopardize rural economies, degrade wildlife habitat, and disrupt critical ecosystem services.

Fortunately, much of the West's iconic working lands are still intact and healthy. Learn more about these threats and how a diverse set of partners are working to conserve and restore these landscapes and through proactive, science-backed conservation through the links below.